A Hug IsMore Than a Toy

There are more than 6000 children in institutional care in the Czech Republic.Most of them are emotionally deprived.That’s why they need love and hugs.More than anyone else.

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Give children a summer camp with Good Fairies.

Gift children from children's homes an experience and time with fairies. We are taking the children on two summer camps full of many joyful moments.


Unfortuntely, not everyone experience a happy childhood. As well as a loving embrace. That is why we visit children's homes regularly. We want the children to feel love.
Be a Good Fairy! Donate here and send some joyful and loving Fairies to the children's homes.

“We can not influence what have the children gone through, but we want them to believe that they can live happy lives. We wish for each child in a children´s home having its Good fairies.”

Angelika Nevěřilová, founder

Dobré víly dětem

We Give Children What’s Most Valuable for Them

By regular visits, personal, friendly approach and individual support we give the children in orphanages the most valuable things we have, our time, attention and love. We help the children with school preparation, we ty to develop them in what they like and enjoy doing. We organize stays out of the orphanages, we support them when they leave the orphanages and guide them not to end up at the social fringes.We also focus on foster families, incomplete families and host care families. From our own experience we know how beneficial for the hosting adult but mainly for the guest child could the host care be. That is why we want to be helpful in this process.

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Help us to support more children who need our time, attention and love.


Become a Fairy

We are happy to welcome new enthusiastic volunteers with a sense of humour, a big heart and a clean criminal record looking for new friends!

Children’s Stories

“Good Fairies are great. They helped me with my schoolwork and also with my behaviour. They often talked to me, listened to me and supported me on the path to my dream.“


Ruda22 years


Andrea14 years


Mili27 years

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