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Good Fairies

For the sixth year in a row, we have been helping more than a hundred children from children’s homes. We meet them every week, so we already know the story of each of them. We know their hobbies, joys and sorrows. We give them our time, love and attention, which they need much more than toys.

What We Do

So far we have taken six children’s homes under our wings. We visit them regularly and organise leisure activities for children. Every Monday we go to the children’s home in Olomouc, every Tuesday to the children’s home in Mladá Boleslav, every Wednesday to the children’s home in Nové Strašecí and every Thursday to the children’s home in Krnsko. All the children take part in our weekend events or go to our summer camps. We visit children in the children’s home in Dolní Počernice for regular tutoring as often as they need. And we have recently established cooperation with the children’s home in Tišnov.

We visit

6 children's homes regularly

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We help

children to improve their personal development

We organise

sports, cultural and social activities

We arrange

summer camps and weekend stays

We support

foster parents and single-parent families

Our Team



Why am I a fairy? Because being a fairy is a mission. It has become a new way of life to me now. I meet great and positive people. It also means constantly leaving the comfort zone, which sometimes hurts, but improve your personal development. And most importantly, I have a lot of wonderful children around me, whom I can help and at the same time be inspired by them.



It is practically impossible to summarise in three sentences what the Fairies mean to me. It's my second big family. From an early age, I dreamt of helping children. And that came true for me thanks to Good Fairies. In addition, the Fairies are helping me. Now I know for sure what my mission is and in which direction I want to go in my life. Spontaneous laughter and joy in children's eyes are simply the most. Fairies are real, permanent and unconditional friends. This is friendship forever. 😊



The Good Fairies gave me the opportunity to spend time meaningfully. I look forward to every week. I also met great friends, had experiences and opportunities to try lots of new things. Every time I leave the children's home I'm happy and with a smile on my face as this time spent with children and Fairies is the best way for me to relax and forget about all worries.



Originally I just wanted to help Good Fairies to organise an auction then a charity run. It was with no contact with children but even those activities gave me a great feeling. Then we came up with a charity calendar. But to take the pictures for the calendar I had to go and meet the children and that's how it happened… You go once and you're in! Because of that huge need for love you must come back.

The Good Fairies – Mladá Boleslav



I look for overlaps in my life. At work, in sports, while traveling, in business.
So, when I came across Good Fairies, I became one of them.
When adults suffer in life, it's sad. But when children suffer, it is unfair and it is unforgivable. And if we fairies (and fairy boys 😊) help at least a few children see the light again, it's worth it. And that makes Fairies unique. As they do much more than buying Lego and that’s the overlap.



I wanted to get involved and help children from children’s homes for a long time and Good Fairies’ mission – giving children their time, attention and loving hugs – thrilled me. On my first visit there were shy sights and gentle mutual checking out but after meeting also the older children there were warm hugs and I knew I wanted to come back. If I can please, inspire, motivate and help somebody, especially children with difficult fate, it just makes sense and I feel good. 😊

… and other volunteers



The most common question I hear is why I joined Good Fairies. I never know what to answer, because I just have no idea what made me do it. But what I do know is that thanks to Good Fairies, my life has become many times richer. Meeting so many great people who do the absolute maximum for children's joy and their future is simply amazing.



During the last few years I'm spending my free time with children, they motivate me to be better, I enjoy it and it gives me energy. But with Good Fairies, it's different - even better. Good Fairies take care of children regularly showing their interest in them and giving them love. Their work changes lives. I'm glad I can be a part of it.



We all know that helping is right, but we often do not know how to do it. I was the same with me. When I found out that Good Fairies pay attention to children from children’s homes by giving them what they need most - attention and time. From day to day I decided to offer myself as a volunteer for their summer camp. At the camp, I found out that helping is often more enjoyable than receiving help and it makes me happier.

Become a Fairy

We are happy to welcome new enthusiastic volunteers with a sense of humour, a big heart and a clean criminal record to our team. If you meet these conditions, it will make us very happy if you contact us. Together we can bring love and joy into more children's lives.

  • What does it mean to become a Fairy?

    Our goal and wish is to show children that someone is interested in them and want to know what they think, what they do and how they feel. How do we do that?●  Regular visits in children's homes        - We spend time with the children        - We talk to them        - We play games with them        - We help them prepare for school and tutor them        - We play sports with them        - We help them in difficult life situations        - We support them (prepare for an interview, etc.)
    ● Irregular events        - We organise sports, cultural and social activities for children        - We organise summer camps and weekend stays outside the children's home        - We offer leisure activities        - We provide material assistance

  • What do I need to become a Fairy?

    ● Interest in other people and empathy● Sense of humour● Desire to dedicate your time to children● Age over 18 or legal consent● Clean criminal record● NO professional training is required, although experts from all sectors are welcome● Willingness to long-term cooperation

  • How much time it takes me to be a Fairy?

    Some of the Fairies go to the children's home every week for 4 hours. Others join us only for the camp or visit children’s home once a week for 1-2 hours. It depends on your time possibilities. However, it is very important for children to have the most regular contact possible so that they can form a relationship with the fairy.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a fairy and helping children!

Please send your structured CV to .zc.yliverbod%40alivmesj
We will contact you within 14 days. 

Good Fairies

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