Year 2020 - 5 981 hours of love and attention

Year 2020 - 5 981 hours of love and attention

We still believe that A Hug Is More Than a Toy (#objetijevicnezhracka) even if it’s not always possible as year 2020 showed us. Thus, we gave a little less of hugs. But after all the restriction we supported children in children’s homes for the whole year.

At the beginning of the year, we started the regular tutoring in children’s home in Mladá Boleslav and in the autumn in children’s home in Dolní Počernice. We also started cooperation with other 12 children’s homes and help them with providing material support during pandemic.

At the time we could not see the children at all, we:

- got and delivered face masks, disinfection, gloves, drugstore goods, notebooks and protective shields

- prepared on-line tutoring

- sent painting colours and canvas to children in children’s homes and arranged their vernissage and challenge exhibition of the paintings

- started cooperation with Theatre show „Amerikánka“ which helped raise general awareness of institutional care

- arranged our first on-line auction

And when we were allowed to see them again, we also managed:

- 89 tutoring – 59 in children’s homes and 30 online

- 11 one day visits in children’s homes

- 10 cultural activities

- 9 individual activities for specific children

- 3 stays – summer camp and 2 long weekend stays

- 2 sport activities

- 1 one day trip to the countryside

… and more

We arranged 126 activities for children in total. 61 volunteers – an all-time record spent selflessly 5 981 hours with children.

We hope that in 2021 we will be able to give even more attention and love to children. There are lots of plans!